Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wen manung: i-know-he-will-be-a-good-general-someday

I was just browsing through the internet trying to find some information about my genealogy. I got so curious that people think and claim that my surname “Prejillano” is quite unique and never been heard before.

I think the same too! I only knew few other Prejillanos in this world, my father (Donato Prejillano) my siblings (Karol Joseph, Kristine Jane, and Karen Joyce) and my mother (Lorna Prejillano), who of course just got the name when he married my father. The others are, my grandfather (Catalino Prejillano), we didn't grow up knowing him, died of snake bite when we were young enough to remember him, Anacleta Prejillano (my grandmother) and my father's sister Msgt. Elizabeth Prejillano.

I remember, my father once said that our family name went through some sort of evolution. Originally, he said, its 'Fregillana', then 'Pregillano', and now, we are the modern day inheritants to become 'Prejillano'.

Browsing some genealogy sites yields zero for ‘Prejillano’. And the closest I got was a site created by my brother back in 2008, which or course was lame at giving details about my heritage.

Talking about my brother, Captain Karol Joseph Alcaide Prejillano, as I was searching for Prejillano, his name yields the most results. In one link, a public forum thread about their highschool batch reunion, one of his batch mate questioned his sexual preference. I was grinning, these are so highscool.

I found the thread and the issue so interesting that I was inspired to write this blog. 

I quote:

Karol Prejillano:  WHATEVER THAT IS MR. NATIVIDAD....! you got a deep Ilocano in there. I didn't understand it as a matter of fact. because i've been in the Katagalugan for many years and not a single ilocano-speaking slug is around to keep me proficient with the dialect except for a few chat with my mom on the phone....
TO ALL OF YOU: i'm just at friendster, i'll be glad to see you all in there.

to JONA GAY PUA: your elder brother is a colleague of mine here in the Air Force. I got to see him a lot here around lipa city
Yong:  im an ilocano speaking slug.. but wait.. am i a slug?.. what is a slug by the way?...
hmmm.. wait...
A. Any of various small, snaillike, chiefly terrestrial gastropod mollusks of the genus Limax and related genera, having a slow-moving elongated body with no shell or only a flat rudimentary shell on or under the skin.
B.A round bullet larger than buckshot.

C.A small metal disk for use in a vending or gambling machine, especially one used illegally.

D. idiot???

whatever dude..

how are you karol?.. you've changed huh.. or should i call you joseph this time?..

Yong:  Hey Karol, what are those 'all caps' mean?.. anger? or emphasis that you can't be touched?..
Well, pull your trigger but i'll speak my heart out. I really thought you're a GAY, and it's really surprising to see you in the Air Force. And I think you did a great job, transforming from your gay acts to a real man. And you have changed, ma-ere ka na ngayon... whatever that means..
Look back to where you came from dude, i really doubt you can't understand much of Ilocano now.
Peace dude!!!

p.s. am i doomed?
Karol Prejillano: All caps is neither an emphasis or anger... i just used to make it easy to read.

Melvin, is that how you really looked at me before? Dude, my reasons for being here is because i want to serve this country like my forefathers did. it's not about proving something and so on... i may be"gayish" back then but it does not necessarily mean I am, and that it would be a bizzare notion to think of me in a really stiff world. i really like discipline and i really found it here, not to mention i got a promising carrer. I'll be a good General someday and that's all i the way, you're not doomed.I just hate it when people make fun of my name...maybe because i feel i don't desrve such treatment. BUT YOU'RE NOT DOOMED...

Reading through, I felt bad for the person calling him names. Everyone of us in the family thinks he is not. But his decision to be a military man was a surprised since we all thought that he will have a great career as a Psychologist.

Moving through the next link in google search, was the headline "Welcome to PAF-ACES Online" and under it #1. Acer Karol Joseph Prejillano.

I knew back in December he attended an awarding ceremony. I knew he was an awardee, but I didn't ask what award. Its only now that I had known, he was the TOP awardee. I felt proud.

I know he will be a good General someday. I know he will be.

Early on, he was the most goal-oriented among us, the Prejillano siblings. He was disciplined and strict. He had already developed military mannerisms. And I know he will be a good General someday.

I know what hardships he went through just to get to his promising military career. In another comment, another batch mate mentioned that the Philippines is a green pasture and this is not our last hope. He was right too.

And did you notice, he mentioned about Friendster on the thread. That was so long time ago!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wun manong: a new face for the 'apple turned bad'

I’ve renovated my blog.

Not the contents but the header. You may notice that it changed. No more pictures.  I wanted a simpler and a more definite theme. 

I am one who likes changes; I don’t stay with something for long. Just like how this blog changed its name so often until I settled with quadradikus.
I used Word Paint.  And here were my revisions.
My first try. I want green because it my favorite color, but it too simple and obviously, all would agree, it not good

 Then, the yellow and black. It is the best color combination of all, highlighting the 'apple' in red makes the stress, but where's the color green? My critic said its nice but she didn't like the fonts.

Then came, the black, green, red and yellow. This one is the best so far. I tried and uploaded it on the blog, it stayed there overnight, but it didn't fit. Black was too bold for a header. So I went to my basic, simple and clean.

Until finally, I came up with this. It fitted the header, looks simple and clean on the site. So, go ahead, scroll up and check the header

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

photography: taking time to smell the flowers

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. That is why I have this blog. I like looking at beautiful pictures and creating them as well. Photographs are  memories, and memories define our lives.

Flowers, beautiful, elegant and mysterious.

Flowers are the women in my life. Here are flowers I would associate to the women that, in any way, impacted personal growth. 

 Anthurium, a phallic symbol, fertile, strong (for my sister Kristine)
 Asthers, blooming in lilac when everyone else blooms in white, Lorraine
  -- o --
  Daisy, you never take the limelight, always ready to give support (my sister Karen)
 Dianthus, small, fascinating, beautiful (Katalienne Juliana)
Dwarf Kalachuchi, in girly hues of red, pink and white, there's a boy in every flower, Mary Jean
I don't know your name, and this is for all unborn babies
 Another one that I don't know, but you are such a wonder with you hair, I'll call you Maria, fitting for my dear Maria Makiling
 Roses, making the comeback, ordinary but dear, you are special like nobody else is (I'll reserve this for you, Soran Elizea)
 Flower from a grass, notorious yet unknown, maybe Dolly is you're fitting name
 Gumamela, loud, proud and a friend (Gail)
 There's beauty in you, you just gotta find it (Sanna)
 Lilies, in bloom, the most beautiful of them all (Lorenz)
 I didn't know you, but first impressions do last, Zarina
 You're sturdy, hard and strong, then there's the wind that bends the wrong, Lalaine
 A toast for an orchid bud, a promise of beauty, a hope of the future, Maria Rhodora
 The unconventional beauty, my mother Lorna
 In transformation, how I hated everything, yet there's beauty with nothing (for Thea)
 I don't know anyone who likes yellow, but I know someone in yellow, my Mommy Mikaela
I knew how you loved us, I hope you new how we love you as well, you will forever be remembered, Auntie Beth
 Here's another yellow, bashing in the sunlight, glowing..a definite Lea
 Defined and in highlights, Mommy Aida
And for unassuming, delicate and pure, my dear Sayuri
 All red and a yellow heart, mother Salome

And for all those men and women with whom came and go, flower in the water, dried, dead and living with the tadpoles

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

and so i love her . . . # 2

And so I love her! For my wife, and everything she is, was and will be for me.

My wife knows that I am a certified sweet tooth. One thing that test how much you love a person is if that person is able to take control some part of you but still leaves you as you are and not feeling boxed.

She understands that I like sweets and she's the only one who could control my cravings. If she says no, although its against my will, I give in, if she says, 'that's enough' even if its against my will, I say enough. At times she catches me breaking the rules, but its alright, she understands as well.

So, I know she understand my cravings for sweets because when I celebrated my birthday, she made me a refrigerated cake. She doesn't know how to do it. She made an effort to make the cake. It wasn't the best tasting though. But still one of the best cakes ever.

And so I love her!!!

before i die: Constance Moofushi Resort, Maldives

before i die are the things I want to do, places I want to go, people I want to meet before I go six feet under, or maybe before I get burned and stored in an urn.

First stop, Maldives. Not I don't want to explore the wonders of my own country Philippines, I just got amazed by the picture and just looking at it makes me wanna be there, right now.

Here are other overwater huts I you may wanna go, a link from CNN website.

How about you? Got any bucket list you wanna share?

WordPlay: Plete

I was thinking of a word I could share today and I thought I'd go back to my roots. I was born in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines and I grew up with our local Ilocano dialect.But I don't get to interact with many Iloco's from where I live now so I don't get to practice my Ilocano verses that much.

But I still speak Ilocano and still understand Ilocano words. I just remembered a word I want to share, plete.

I asked our house helper, Kailan po uwi ni Gigi? (When is Gigi going home?). I was referring to her daughter who was with her for whole summer vacation. She is from Pangasinan, another northern province that is generally Ilocano speaking and Pangalatot (the local dialect for people in Pangasinan).

She answered Depende ah nu adda pag plete na. Now that was Ilocano. translated, "it depends if she has something to spend for transportation fare".

I haven't heard that word for a long time. Plete means fare, or money you use to pay for your fare.

Like the purpose of this blog, we find the meaning and origin of words. I searched fort he meaning and plete has indeed an english meaning.

Plete\, v. t. & i. To plead. [Obs.] --P. Plowman. Click here for reference

And if you will try to search further, plete is not an Ilocano word afterall.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

photography: the UPLB fertility tree

This tree is one of the most photographed landmarks in UPLB, next to Oblation. Located at the edge of the UPLB oval, the tree serves as a resting place for many joggers, students, athletes and many other kinds of living creatures by day and a nesting place for lovers and couples at night.

Scientifically known as Samanea saman, this acacia tree is known for its grand canopy and the rumors that was built around and under its shade.
From generations past, the tree was called fertility tree for the countless and ageless stories of lovers and couples making the tree witness to many promiscuous and intimate moments. Again, rumors has it, because I have not seen nor witnessed anything, that many babies have been born out of the fertility powers of the tree and condoms were seen within its grounds.
Fertility Tree located at UPLB. On the background is the UP Carillon.